Thursday, 24 September 2009

Another view of the new granulator

First things first

Here is the new granulate,r we recently purchased this is the first part the separator is coming next week and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of it. So we have started to buy stock of old electrical wire and hope to get the first production run within the next fortnight.

New granulator

Why is it so important

Why is it so important and who is going to loose. Well this is the clever bit it is fairly well known that to extract metals from the ground is a very expensive business and that is why I am bumping my gums about it. I worked in the mining industry for a short period and have seen first hand what an expensive set up it is. who is going to loose.? As usual the honest hard working every day joe blogs. Why ? well that,s the way things are, I sort of covered this before to me it is a crime that some one who loves their job and is passionate about it can not get on in life, In my case it was diggers from child hood but this vocation is so up and down and I suppose after so many knock backs you get to the stage where enough is enough and you have to get smart, Looking back no regrets but the world has changed beyond recognition now and if we can organise our selves into a motley collection of kleptomaniacs that will suffice to give us a reasonable income so get collecting I will use every contact I have to get the proper price for the stuff so enough already "Americanism" for shut up and I will post some more later.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

How I see it

Well i did not know the figures but watched a clip on david attenborough you may of seen it that the worlds population has tripled since he started making wild life films so really unless governments start handing out condoms it is a trend that will not stop and is the main reason waste in general has become a big business and why recycling has become the buzz word for most major world economy's The resources are not there for all , Well this is not totally true under the system we live ie the free market system the resources are not there people want stuff straight away so do not want to order it and wait for a month so this is what happened in the last few years metal prices went through the roof timber also went through the roof and I think about 18 months ago it was reported in the press that not a single fence panel was left in the UK.
Now I am in no doubt that the economy is going to bounce back and in a big way maybe the biggest of all time. Why ? well with the recession going strong stocks of all the commodities will be replenished and off we go again, With one exception I am going to be ready for it and if you want to get in on the ground floor get in touch.
Well this may come as a surprise to some of you aspiration plays a massive part in the western style economies and rightly so, although I think it went a bit too far the last time.
If you aspire to do things or aspire to want things you are most likely to get it so a very powerful force.
Now I do not do life coaching business coaching or any other sort I have never earned £3,000 in a day from google but I have earned £3,000 in a week so let me do the steering and you lot do the pushing "well I am 49 now" so it is time for the younger ones or enthusiastic older ones to get out and push , ok thats enough for tonight getting pretty good at typing now.

Cottage Industries

Well just an update on what is going on at recycle genius, We have recently purchased a granulater from china this machine will be one of our core assets for the processing of insulated electrical wire, It works by turning the insulated wire into powder and then by a process off air blowers and a powerful vacuum the powdered insulation is drawn away and the heavier copper settles to the bottom we are still installing it and I will post some pictures when it is fully commissioned the cable stripper we purchased last year is turning out a reasonable amount of copper but these materials come from contractors and are always in abundance, The practice of burning wire off is now obsolete and is also illegal and also devalues the copper itself, I wanted to cover the issue I raised about students trawling around with diplomas in hand well I still remember when the same thing happened a few years ago and that was in normal times not in the grip of a recession so I fear a lot will not find work which considering the effort that they will have put in seem grossly unfair well when you get over that feeling get in touch. Just as a pick me up though the richest bloke I have ever met estimated to be worth £75 million is you guessed it is into waste and recycling I will not name him but I do know him well, Well that is not all he is into but it is his core business, coffee time

Monday, 21 September 2009

What's the downside 2

Just been going back and looking at the previous post and thought I would elaborate a bit on the what's the down side. Well it is pretty well known in the recycling industry that you can create a market for materials by stockpiling them, If you have ever been to liverpool and seen the huge piles of steel on the docks you can get an idea of how it works stockpile ten thousand tonnes of scrap up and wait for the price to hike up say twenty pounds a tonne and you can get an idea of how it works. Well we are not major players but we can be all you need is the knowledge and off you go. It is worth noting however that I have dealt with these big time charlies and I know them and they know me that is why I would get the best possible price for your stuff you must still keep your finger on the pulse it may for example be better to sell if a dip is on the horizon, Warning Christmas time is the worst possible time as it dips every year as everyone that has saved there little odds and sods weighs in and cocks the market up again.

A bit of bio

Just doing a bit of bio to let you know where I am coming from. Now five years ago a company called christiani&nielson went bust on me owing me about £160 k this had the effect of wiping me off the face of the planet, I paid everyone out and took it on the chin, I do not want to do it again by the way. So a life changing event you might say so what am I doing now well I decided to get educated and taught myself how to use turbocad which is 2d 3d design software, and I like to put a plug in for it where I can although they are no affiliation to me at all. They have said that they would send me a copy of v16 for evaluation so I will clear that up straight away, If you decide to take a look around the blogasphere you will no doubt bump into some of my stuff and it might just get you interested, You will also bump into some of the characters I have met and to be honest I have not met a bad one yet but they are out there believe me so if you are new to blogging I suggest you get your profile out there asap you can earn by monetising your blog not big bucks but bucks all the same anyway going to grab a coffee.

If you are here just for recycling

If you got here just for the recycling bit you will see the goolge follow icon to the right.why ?
Well this platform is a blogging platform and is free for you to sign up for one if you like, It is an easy way to stay in touch with each other and you can meet a lot of people and exchange ideas on different things. Some nice chicks around as well but that is another story, Anyway why am I blogging, Well I am sorry to say that I think the world has changed and in a big way, I fear many in the western world are destined to spend the rest of their lives on benifits, Why ?
Well the emerging economy's China India the former Soviet block are all on the band wagon now and for western countries to compete with them is a none starter if you ask me but that does not stop us from making money we just have to do it in a different way.
I am 49 and remember watching the miners strike and at the time thought why are they wasting their time if you can buy it somewhere else for less money that is what is going to happen and nothing is going to stop that, I still thought it was an absolute tragedy how it was done but this is what I am trying to tell you here.
It is here again the same wind of change is upon us and things will never be the same again.
If you are clutching a first degree honours in one hand I do feel genuinely sorry for you but I have seen all that guff in my lifetime there simply are not the places for you all and only a few will make it sorry, but what the heck jump on board with me and maybe just maybe we will make it, You can call yourself director of recycling for recycle genius if you want I will print some flyers on the subject, Ok cheer up it is not all doom and gloom just got to do things in a different way so if you want a bit of old school practical advise get on board.

A duty of care

Well as i said before this industry has a lot of paperwork attached to it now and I am not the biggest fan of paper work. why ?
Well the recycling industry is now so big that it now genuinely creates jobs.
It is why I have gone full circle on my opinions about it, What used to be put in land fill is now recycled so it is a no brainer for you, All materials handled by ourselves carry a duty of care note and this little piece of paper identifies the end user destination and also the monetary value so it also stops criminal gangs from having it on there toes and is generally a good thing

Use your car garage

Garage stores If you have a garage and have never made a penny from it now is the time for you why. ?
Well key to recycling is the need for us to be able to collect as big as possible loads to make it economically viable your old garage or new one for that matter could earn you hundreds of pounds a week or a even garden shed.
What ever you can collect if you have a garage or shed you can turn it into a miniature processing plant, Take an old three pin plug strip it down and keep all the brass parts separate the key to recycling is being able to sort the various items into there various different metals.
Now you are going to say well I might as well go down the scrap yard myself. ?
Afraid not all major yards require you to have a waste carriers licence
Well I will take it to the backstreet yard you know the one.. Well yes you can but you will not get the right price and more than likely the right weight, Enough said about that one.
How do I know I am getting a fair rate for my stuff well we have put a link on the website for international metal markets so the information is freely available.
Here I will wet your whistle a bit if you filled the average garage with copper or brass fittings you would have in the region of £10,000 on todays markets "WHAT" yes ten grand so next time you give this stuff away and the guy with the horse and cart trots off to the bank to make a large deposit. Why do you think they have always been around.?

House wifes choice

Well I wanted to get a line in for the women, Every bloke on the planet knows that women are better at balancing the books than men and this is an area where the average housewife can start collecting items and getting a bit of a nest egg together you can request your payment immediately or have it paid in on a specific date say for a birthday or anniversary.
We would prefer you to take the immediate service as it is less paperwork for ourselves but what the heck got to offer the service.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

What's the downside

Well now come to it surely there can not be a downside to recycling metals can there. ?
Well yes there is but in an unsuspecting way, Due to exposure in the media everyone gets on the band wagon and starts recycling and this has the effect of lowering prices in the market so just cashing in straight away is not an option for us or our members.
Well obviously we can not alter global trends so in one way we can not alter the over all picture but we can control how we do business and so keep the best possible market for our members.

Motor vehicles

Old cars are always high on the agenda and were fetching ridiculous sums of money last year but have slipped back to more normal prices now.
All motor vehicles have to be de polluted now under government legislation, This meens that all the oils and fluids are removed prior to melting down and although I do not always agree with some of the legislation that comes from No 10 it has been a positive step and oil that would of gone up the smelters chimney is now recycled, Also needed with vehicle disposal is the paper work. Give your old car to some stranger for disposal can get you in hot water as you can still be liable as the registered keeper and I had this problem myself with one of the major car dealership.

Some tips and tricks

Here are some tips, Old three pin plugs are a good source of brass metals but do not send the full plug, One minute with a screw driver and the brass pins usually fall out.
Electric flexes are a valuable source of copper wire so just cut the flex off any old electric appliances you may be throwing out if you are any good with your hands remove old electric motors from say an old hoover.
Old brass and copper ornaments are also a valuable source of metals.Please note we are not antique dealers and all items are scrapped and recycled.
Old style lawn mowers are a hot favourite lately.
Take a look in your garden shed usually a mine field of old stuff like the old type blow torches.
Car boot sales are usually worth a look round we made a living from going round car boot sales buying up old copper plates and brass work.
Of course there are higher value items like silver ware but we are a recycling company so we do not offer antique prices merely the scrap price. We will never resell any item other than to be recycled. Why ?
Well many people hang onto things just so as not to mug it away well we recycle not just to be trendy and not just for profit. First and foremost it is a business and in business you need trust and that is our promise to you all items are recycled via a licensed waste disposal company I will not name them here but if you want to know the end user destination I can let you have it

What do I need to do.

Well start by e mailing us with the following details.
1. Your postcode.
2. Your daytime phone number.
3. Details of any old materials that you already have and an approximate weight.
4. Details of any old jewellery you have.
5. Please state a convenient collection time.

Email me at

What is all the buzz about recycling

Well many talk about recycling as some sort of moral crusade. !
Not us it is a business much like any other.
It is actually a very big industry now and will continue to outgrow the normal economy.
Why are you using a blog forum for the website. ?
Well it is free so why not. ?
What are your overheads. ?
Zero Zilch nothing. !!!
What can I do to get involved and what is the single most important thing to get started. ?
Well spread the word to family and friends post stickers in news agents remember we recycle all types of electrical goods even a hoover cord.
Here is a quick link to metal prices index

Welcome to recycle genius

If you are a new visitor please take two minutes to read this introduction. We are a Bradford based metal recycling company. We are a licensed waste carrier. We pay you out on your doorstep for any material you may have. If you wish to donate the proceeds of your collecting activities we can arrange that for you as well.
Why use us. ?
Well we have invested a significant amount of money in equipment to deal with and recycle electrical goods.
What do we recycle. ?
Well just about anything but here is a list of items.
Electric flexes.
Electric irons.
Washing machines.
Electric plugs.
Old computers.
Old dvd players.
Old vcr,s.
Old electric motors.
Well anything electrical
Anything metal
Old gold or jewellery any sort. ? Why well if you have any old jewellery it may be cost effective to post the item with say a bag full of old brass fittings from electrical plugs.
How much is my stuff worth well metal prices are still very high even in this recession, So it would be unfair to give any fixed rates at the moment.
How do I know I will get the best prices for my stuff. ? Well I am typing this out myself so we do not employ anybody to do this stuff for us and ps I hate typing.
Still not convinced well we have specialist equipment for dealing with electrical goods.
Ok who are we trying to communicate to. ? Well community leaders can help by organising collections and put money back into their communities.
We are looking for people to become key members of our community.
Now some of you may of heard of affiliate members etc. Well not here you won't everyone gets equal access to our merchant service so sorry if thought you could climb a greasy pole, Not our method of operation.
What is in it for me. ?
Well you can collect items from friends or relatives and keep the money it is up to you.
Now please go to the next page.