Monday, 21 September 2009

Use your car garage

Garage stores If you have a garage and have never made a penny from it now is the time for you why. ?
Well key to recycling is the need for us to be able to collect as big as possible loads to make it economically viable your old garage or new one for that matter could earn you hundreds of pounds a week or a even garden shed.
What ever you can collect if you have a garage or shed you can turn it into a miniature processing plant, Take an old three pin plug strip it down and keep all the brass parts separate the key to recycling is being able to sort the various items into there various different metals.
Now you are going to say well I might as well go down the scrap yard myself. ?
Afraid not all major yards require you to have a waste carriers licence
Well I will take it to the backstreet yard you know the one.. Well yes you can but you will not get the right price and more than likely the right weight, Enough said about that one.
How do I know I am getting a fair rate for my stuff well we have put a link on the website for international metal markets so the information is freely available.
Here I will wet your whistle a bit if you filled the average garage with copper or brass fittings you would have in the region of £10,000 on todays markets "WHAT" yes ten grand so next time you give this stuff away and the guy with the horse and cart trots off to the bank to make a large deposit. Why do you think they have always been around.?

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