Sunday, 27 September 2009

Why now

Well the big time charlies will not like this one.
well we are in a recession so why are metal prices still higher than usual.
Because it is cheaper to reuse existing metals and just melt them down, These big mining companies have already cut back just check their stock prices, And this is why I have been bumping my gums so much.
If your family budget has gone down by say 10% during this recession multiply it by 1,000% for a major mining company, This is why I became excited about recent events now some people will tell you about wonderful opportunities with the recession now if you have read this entire blog you should by now realise that yes there is and you can be part of it.
If you do not earn £3,000 min the first week with us, well that was always going to happen might earn a few hundred though.
Now any doubting thomas left you get paid on your doorstep every vehicle is fitted with weighing equipment the market prices are posted every day and are freely available well going to grab a coffee.

Tips and Tricks part two

Well i can remember reading some sort of business model about adding two products together and then selling them and thought what a load of crap. UH UH . Well i was wrong and here is why, say you had an old lawn mower and asked us to pick it up and recycle it. Well by the time we send a truck to pick it up with diesel and man hours it would not be viable. But if you also had saved up a couple of bags of brass fittings some old electric cables etc. And say on the same day we have requests from several other members well then we are all on an earner. That is why this business is so appealing to me it is the various members that really own it we are just acting as the hub.
Now here is the cleverest part of all if we do not come up to scratch for any reason at all we would be out of business in a week, I mean this is a public forum and with the speed of communications these days it would be over for us before it began.
WARNING some people will do malicious things and comments , just because ? Well their chick has left them, they are skint, just bored,or just trouble causers..
I have not completely got my head round it but the nuts and bolts of it are we need some independent comment moderation, I mean we do need constructive criticism where it is needed, So i am open to suggestions on this i think it would be better if you lived in the uk but what the heck i welcome any suggestions "nice ones" Ok going to grab a coffee and will post bit more later.