Wednesday, 6 October 2010

AGA combi cooker and hot water heater

hot water outlet for radiators

well you know what sort of money these bring

AGA cooker German made

Take £180 for them.

compressed air equipment

interesting lot

centrifugal clutch fitted

little petrol engine

I will take £200 for it

engine and box sound

for sale ford ka on alloys

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

massey ferguson tractor 2720

Drives like a dream genuine clean tractor four wheel drive no play on any parts. Even fitted with a stereo. some one loved this tractor for a long time. Looking for £4,500 for it. I drove it 50 miles so no more to say about it. Just find a bit of straw to chew on and off you go.

I will take £4,500 for it

very clean tractor

four wheel drive tractor

1984 Massey Ferguson 2720