Saturday, 23 April 2011


World war one artillery shell. Solid brass with ornate engraving on it and Latin inscriptions. I have no Idea what it means. Looking for a tonne for it

A world war one relic

Solid brass

Glad I was not on the receiving end of it

Aluminium storage box. Take £120 for it

Three times blown gas heaters £100 each

Yorkshire stone lintels

Yorkshire stone lintels looking for £20 each or offers for the lot use as is or re saw them

Yorkshire stone lintels

Yorkshire stone flags

Old school flags. Outdoors four to six inch thick, Loads of character looking for a buyer for job lot approx 10 tonnes

Yorkshire stone setts

Approx sixty tonnes of Yorkshire stone setts. £40 per yard for small orders £30 per yard for bulk orders.
There is a fork truck on site for loading and there are pallets available.
Buyer collects only

Demolition salvage materials