Friday, 9 April 2010

control panel

front view

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

If you are here for second hand sales

If you have arrived here for second hand sales you can scroll down to the right hand side and access items directly by clicking on the relevant button.
If you are interested in joining our copper recycling revolution look through the following images.
"WE NEED YOU" The copper granulator is now up and running and we are now looking for agents in different parts of the uk to start collecting any old electrical wire ..better known as HOUSEHOLD WIRE. This can be in any form ie hoover flexes, wiring from old houses. even kettle flexes. wiring harnesses from old cars,old fridge leads, co axial cable, you do not even need to act as an agent you can email me directly and give me details of where you live and what you think about our new venture. What you could contribute. We need community leaders to get local people involved in collecting all types of wire , even scout groups. not the brownies once got mugged by a troupe ..Just joking every body is welcome we pay top money for household wire and will not be beaten on price by anyone. So get collecting and get recycling.
AT THE MOMENT WE ARE PAYING £1.90 PER KILLO FOR HOUSEHOLD WIRE this includes the plastic insulation as well. If you can beat that I will take a pic of my.. well you know and post it as our homepage N0 BULL.

The end product copper granules

Household wire

Control Panel

We are hoping to sell the plastic waste

Cyclone and air table

Filter unit and auger

The new granulator

Sunday, 4 April 2010

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