Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tips and Tricks part two

Well i can remember reading some sort of business model about adding two products together and then selling them and thought what a load of crap. UH UH . Well i was wrong and here is why, say you had an old lawn mower and asked us to pick it up and recycle it. Well by the time we send a truck to pick it up with diesel and man hours it would not be viable. But if you also had saved up a couple of bags of brass fittings some old electric cables etc. And say on the same day we have requests from several other members well then we are all on an earner. That is why this business is so appealing to me it is the various members that really own it we are just acting as the hub.
Now here is the cleverest part of all if we do not come up to scratch for any reason at all we would be out of business in a week, I mean this is a public forum and with the speed of communications these days it would be over for us before it began.
WARNING some people will do malicious things and comments , just because ? Well their chick has left them, they are skint, just bored,or just trouble causers..
I have not completely got my head round it but the nuts and bolts of it are we need some independent comment moderation, I mean we do need constructive criticism where it is needed, So i am open to suggestions on this i think it would be better if you lived in the uk but what the heck i welcome any suggestions "nice ones" Ok going to grab a coffee and will post bit more later.


  1. I get hate emails and comments too. I usually delete them because these people end up spamming me over days with like 10.

    If you go to setting, click on comments, you can set one of the options there that the comments have to be moderated by you, then click to save. Then you will get the option to post or not to post every comment.

    I'd like to hear more about putting the lawn mower into your machine. Pictures would be great too.

  2. Hi trish and thanks for the comment re comments moderation what i mean about comments moderation is that i would need some one independent of the company, Now as soon as you pay someone to do it are they independent. We have invested a lot of money in equipment to handle the recycling side of things and i am just exploring every angle ok we do other things as well so we are not in a rush. Re lawn mower the idea is that along with the lawn mower we would also require copper cable as this is what goes through the granulate,r the granulate,r also processes other types of non ferrous metals so it is really about getting the ratio right. Thanks for the input, I have not got the entire thing sorted out yet so chillax and thanks, the lawn mower just goes straight in with the iron products and does not get granulated ps got me thinking about something else now xhit ok see you soon