Monday, 21 September 2009

House wifes choice

Well I wanted to get a line in for the women, Every bloke on the planet knows that women are better at balancing the books than men and this is an area where the average housewife can start collecting items and getting a bit of a nest egg together you can request your payment immediately or have it paid in on a specific date say for a birthday or anniversary.
We would prefer you to take the immediate service as it is less paperwork for ourselves but what the heck got to offer the service.


  1. why not recycle bin..:))
    what is all about?..I didnt understand too much..just the idea..
    have a nice day!..smiles

  2. well not sure about the question but if you want to give it away fine , but if you want to get paid for it contact us ps not seen you around for a bit