Sunday, 20 September 2009

Welcome to recycle genius

If you are a new visitor please take two minutes to read this introduction. We are a Bradford based metal recycling company. We are a licensed waste carrier. We pay you out on your doorstep for any material you may have. If you wish to donate the proceeds of your collecting activities we can arrange that for you as well.
Why use us. ?
Well we have invested a significant amount of money in equipment to deal with and recycle electrical goods.
What do we recycle. ?
Well just about anything but here is a list of items.
Electric flexes.
Electric irons.
Washing machines.
Electric plugs.
Old computers.
Old dvd players.
Old vcr,s.
Old electric motors.
Well anything electrical
Anything metal
Old gold or jewellery any sort. ? Why well if you have any old jewellery it may be cost effective to post the item with say a bag full of old brass fittings from electrical plugs.
How much is my stuff worth well metal prices are still very high even in this recession, So it would be unfair to give any fixed rates at the moment.
How do I know I will get the best prices for my stuff. ? Well I am typing this out myself so we do not employ anybody to do this stuff for us and ps I hate typing.
Still not convinced well we have specialist equipment for dealing with electrical goods.
Ok who are we trying to communicate to. ? Well community leaders can help by organising collections and put money back into their communities.
We are looking for people to become key members of our community.
Now some of you may of heard of affiliate members etc. Well not here you won't everyone gets equal access to our merchant service so sorry if thought you could climb a greasy pole, Not our method of operation.
What is in it for me. ?
Well you can collect items from friends or relatives and keep the money it is up to you.
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