Wednesday, 23 September 2009

How I see it

Well i did not know the figures but watched a clip on david attenborough you may of seen it that the worlds population has tripled since he started making wild life films so really unless governments start handing out condoms it is a trend that will not stop and is the main reason waste in general has become a big business and why recycling has become the buzz word for most major world economy's The resources are not there for all , Well this is not totally true under the system we live ie the free market system the resources are not there people want stuff straight away so do not want to order it and wait for a month so this is what happened in the last few years metal prices went through the roof timber also went through the roof and I think about 18 months ago it was reported in the press that not a single fence panel was left in the UK.
Now I am in no doubt that the economy is going to bounce back and in a big way maybe the biggest of all time. Why ? well with the recession going strong stocks of all the commodities will be replenished and off we go again, With one exception I am going to be ready for it and if you want to get in on the ground floor get in touch.
Well this may come as a surprise to some of you aspiration plays a massive part in the western style economies and rightly so, although I think it went a bit too far the last time.
If you aspire to do things or aspire to want things you are most likely to get it so a very powerful force.
Now I do not do life coaching business coaching or any other sort I have never earned £3,000 in a day from google but I have earned £3,000 in a week so let me do the steering and you lot do the pushing "well I am 49 now" so it is time for the younger ones or enthusiastic older ones to get out and push , ok thats enough for tonight getting pretty good at typing now.

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