Thursday, 24 September 2009

Why is it so important

Why is it so important and who is going to loose. Well this is the clever bit it is fairly well known that to extract metals from the ground is a very expensive business and that is why I am bumping my gums about it. I worked in the mining industry for a short period and have seen first hand what an expensive set up it is. who is going to loose.? As usual the honest hard working every day joe blogs. Why ? well that,s the way things are, I sort of covered this before to me it is a crime that some one who loves their job and is passionate about it can not get on in life, In my case it was diggers from child hood but this vocation is so up and down and I suppose after so many knock backs you get to the stage where enough is enough and you have to get smart, Looking back no regrets but the world has changed beyond recognition now and if we can organise our selves into a motley collection of kleptomaniacs that will suffice to give us a reasonable income so get collecting I will use every contact I have to get the proper price for the stuff so enough already "Americanism" for shut up and I will post some more later.

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