Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Cottage Industries

Well just an update on what is going on at recycle genius, We have recently purchased a granulater from china this machine will be one of our core assets for the processing of insulated electrical wire, It works by turning the insulated wire into powder and then by a process off air blowers and a powerful vacuum the powdered insulation is drawn away and the heavier copper settles to the bottom we are still installing it and I will post some pictures when it is fully commissioned the cable stripper we purchased last year is turning out a reasonable amount of copper but these materials come from contractors and are always in abundance, The practice of burning wire off is now obsolete and is also illegal and also devalues the copper itself, I wanted to cover the issue I raised about students trawling around with diplomas in hand well I still remember when the same thing happened a few years ago and that was in normal times not in the grip of a recession so I fear a lot will not find work which considering the effort that they will have put in seem grossly unfair well when you get over that feeling get in touch. Just as a pick me up though the richest bloke I have ever met estimated to be worth £75 million is you guessed it is into waste and recycling I will not name him but I do know him well, Well that is not all he is into but it is his core business, coffee time


  1. Congratulations on creating a new blog!!

    You granulater machine sounds very interesting. I look forward to seeing the pictures and how it's working.

  2. ok will keep you posted, i will do a video of it when we are up and running