Monday, 21 September 2009

What's the downside 2

Just been going back and looking at the previous post and thought I would elaborate a bit on the what's the down side. Well it is pretty well known in the recycling industry that you can create a market for materials by stockpiling them, If you have ever been to liverpool and seen the huge piles of steel on the docks you can get an idea of how it works stockpile ten thousand tonnes of scrap up and wait for the price to hike up say twenty pounds a tonne and you can get an idea of how it works. Well we are not major players but we can be all you need is the knowledge and off you go. It is worth noting however that I have dealt with these big time charlies and I know them and they know me that is why I would get the best possible price for your stuff you must still keep your finger on the pulse it may for example be better to sell if a dip is on the horizon, Warning Christmas time is the worst possible time as it dips every year as everyone that has saved there little odds and sods weighs in and cocks the market up again.

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