Monday, 21 September 2009

A bit of bio

Just doing a bit of bio to let you know where I am coming from. Now five years ago a company called christiani&nielson went bust on me owing me about £160 k this had the effect of wiping me off the face of the planet, I paid everyone out and took it on the chin, I do not want to do it again by the way. So a life changing event you might say so what am I doing now well I decided to get educated and taught myself how to use turbocad which is 2d 3d design software, and I like to put a plug in for it where I can although they are no affiliation to me at all. They have said that they would send me a copy of v16 for evaluation so I will clear that up straight away, If you decide to take a look around the blogasphere you will no doubt bump into some of my stuff and it might just get you interested, You will also bump into some of the characters I have met and to be honest I have not met a bad one yet but they are out there believe me so if you are new to blogging I suggest you get your profile out there asap you can earn by monetising your blog not big bucks but bucks all the same anyway going to grab a coffee.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your company. My parents own a small company, I know just how much work goes into it. Sounds like you know what you want.

    I hope your coffee was good ;)

  2. thanks trish i will be over soon to see you skinny dipping soon