Sunday, 20 September 2009

Some tips and tricks

Here are some tips, Old three pin plugs are a good source of brass metals but do not send the full plug, One minute with a screw driver and the brass pins usually fall out.
Electric flexes are a valuable source of copper wire so just cut the flex off any old electric appliances you may be throwing out if you are any good with your hands remove old electric motors from say an old hoover.
Old brass and copper ornaments are also a valuable source of metals.Please note we are not antique dealers and all items are scrapped and recycled.
Old style lawn mowers are a hot favourite lately.
Take a look in your garden shed usually a mine field of old stuff like the old type blow torches.
Car boot sales are usually worth a look round we made a living from going round car boot sales buying up old copper plates and brass work.
Of course there are higher value items like silver ware but we are a recycling company so we do not offer antique prices merely the scrap price. We will never resell any item other than to be recycled. Why ?
Well many people hang onto things just so as not to mug it away well we recycle not just to be trendy and not just for profit. First and foremost it is a business and in business you need trust and that is our promise to you all items are recycled via a licensed waste disposal company I will not name them here but if you want to know the end user destination I can let you have it

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